Writing Dissertations

It is important to devote time and effort to writing your dissertation. The English usage and style are very important. You must start your writing as early as possible. If you are a student supervised by me, I will require you to use LaTeX to write your dissertation.

Here are some slides on writing and publishing.

LaTeX Template

Here is a simple LaTeX template. You will need MikTeX, Ghostscript, and an editor like Winedt installed on your Windows machine. If you are using a linux box, relevent tools may already be available. This template is a bare-minimum one. There are sophisticated templates available online. I will also provide one later.


There are a plehora of resources available in regard to style. Your English usage must be correct. Here are some comments that I usully make: Notes on Style.

Bibliography adn Abbreviations in Referenes

We abbreviate common words in references---particularly confernce and journal names---based on the IEEE Style manual. Here is an example.